Form and Transform: Undergraduate Humanities Forum Research Conference


David Dunning and Darina Shtrakhman, Steering Committee and Mellon Research Fellows, UHF
James English, Director, PHF; Professor of English
Heather Sharkey, Faculty Advisor, UHF; Associate Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

(Con) Template
Respondent: Vijay Balasubramanian, Merriam Term Professor of Physics
David Dunning, CAS, 2012
Alain Badiou and the Adaptation of Set Theory
Sarah Heinz, CAS, 2012
Birthing a Monster: The Invention of Melodrama in the Romantic Period
Noelle Li-Zhen Tay, CAS, 2012
Modern Visual Culture in Shanghai – The Hybrid Gaze
Alex Zhang, CAS, 2012
Plotinus and the Platonic Tradition

(Extra) Ordinary
Respondent: Lucas Wood, Comparative Literature; Mellon Research Fellow, Graduate Humanities Forum
bullet Molly Armstrong, CAS, 2012
Edwidge Danticat & Junot Díaz: A Study of Caribbean Dissent and Descent Through Writing
bullet Thadeus Dowad, CAS, 2012
Taking Barbs at Masterpieces: Pun and Palimpsest in Marcel Duchamp's L.H.O.O.Q.
bullet Myles Karp, CAS, 2012
Dubstep, Darwin, and the Prehistoric Invention of Music
bullet Katharine Panarese, CAS, 2012
The Unadaptable Bridget: Adaptation of Diary Fiction to Film

(Origin) Nation 
Respondent: David Eisenhower, Director, Institute for Public Service,
Annenberg School
bullet Emily Kern, CAS, 2012
“Civilizing” China: Samuel Wells Williams and The Middle Kingdom in 1848 and 1883
bullet Zachary Propert, CAS, 2012
Malian Media (Mal)Adaptations
bullet Darina Shtrakhman, CAS, 2012
The Anglo-American Prime Minister: Winston Churchill as a Scholar of Gibbon and Lincoln
bullet Anna Vinogradov, CAS, 2012
Religion or Nation? The Jewish Identities of Soviet Immigrants in the U.S.

(Sense) Ability 
Respondent: Sarah Dowling, English; Mellon Research Fellow, Graduate Humanities Forum
bullet Adam Croom, CAS, 2012
The Evolutionary Origins of Music: Harmonizing Biology and Culture Through Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Synchronization
bullet Marguerite Leone, CAS, 2013
Digital Adaptations: Sharing Cherokee Cultural Knowledge
bullet Alexander Remnick, CAS, 2012
Oaxaca: The Blind Daughters
bullet Monika Wasik, CAS, 2012
The Path of Suffering, Healing, and Recovery: Physical and Psychological Adaptation to Obstetric Fistulas in Sub-Saharan African Women

Closing (re)marks
Emily Kern, Chair and Mellon Research Fellow, UHF
Heather Sharkey, Faculty Advisor, UHF


23 March 2012
Nevil Classroom
Penn Museum
3260 South Street

Open to Penn students
and faculty

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