PHF Graduate Fellows
bullet 2014-15 | Color
bullet 2013-14 | Violence
bullet 2012-13 | Peripheries
bullet 2011-12 | Adaptations
bullet 2010-11 | Virtuality
bullet 2009-10 | Connections



Graduate Research Fellowships

The Penn Humanities Forum is deeply grateful to The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for its generous support over 12 years (20032015) to promote interdisciplinary research in the humanities for students and faculty. For advanced doctoral students in Penn's School of Arts and Sciences, this fellowship support has been especially important in bringing together those with little opportunity to interact with other students outside their disciplines and departments. Students were able, often for the first time, to present their work in an interdisciplinary seminar and to consider that work within the broader context of a public conference they planned and organized each year.

While the Forum is not accepting graduate fellowship applications at this time, we will keep you updated as we develop new, expanded opportunities for graduate students with the School of Arts & Sciences and our supporters.

bullet 2007 | Travel
bullet 2006 | Visual Dialogues
bullet 2005 | Collecting the Unconscious
bullet 2004 | Suspending (Dis)Belief
bullet 2003 | Bound, Unbound
bullet 2002 | Time/Space, Memory/Place
bullet 2001 | Thinking with Style