PHF Graduate Fellows
bullet 2014-15 | Color
bullet 2013-14 | Violence
bullet 2012-13 | Peripheries
bullet 2011-12 | Adaptations
bullet 2010-11 | Virtuality
bullet 2009-10 | Connections



Graduate Humanities Forum

Penn Ph.D. students have the opportunity to participate in the Graduate Humanities Forum through the Andrew W. Mellon Graduate Research Fellowship program of the Penn Humanities Forum. Ten $1000 fellowships are offered each year for graduate and professional students in all humanities-related disciplines who are interested in exploring the trends and challenges of interdisciplinary research related to the Forum's annual theme.

Calls for applications are announced each fall term and close on March 15th.

PHF Mellon Graduate Research Fellows meet biweekly to present their research (papers are precirculated) and to respond to the work of their peers. GHF Mellon Seminar members also generate a select bibliography of readings related to the theme, which they read in common throughout the year. Fellows also help plan an annual symposium on the Forum's theme.

PHF also offers one competitive Graduate Research Assistantship each year for doctoral humanists interested in serving a leadership role in GHF and in working with the Penn Humanities Forum.

bullet 2007 | Travel
bullet 2006 | Visual Dialogues
bullet 2005 | Collecting the Unconscious
bullet 2004 | Suspending (Dis)Belief
bullet 2003 | Bound, Unbound
bullet 2002 | Time/Space, Memory/Place
bullet 2001 | Thinking with Style