125 Years, 2003. University of Pennsylvania

Jenny Holzer
Public Art

2005 Dr. S.T. Lee Distinguished Lecture

Penn Humanities Forum on Word & Image
in collaboration with
the Institute of Contemporary Art

November 16, 2005

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Slideshow Captions
2006 Jenny Holzer/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


Messages to the Public
, 1982
Times Square, New York
Spectacolor electronic sign
Text: Truisms (1977-1979)
2 Inflammatory Essays posters
Street installation, New York, 1982
Offset posters
25.5 x 25.5 cm each
Text: Inflammatory Essays (1979-1982)
3 Collaboration with Lady Pink, 1983
Painting, enamel on canvas
Text: Survival (1983-1985)
4 from Living (1980-1982)
Hand-painted enamel on metal
5 Manifesto Show, 1979
with Colen Fitzgibbon and Collaborative Projects
Installation, 5 Bleecker Street, New York
Various texts
6 Protect Me from What I Want, September 12-28, 1986
McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas
Electronic sign and baggage carousel
Text: Truisms (1977-1979)
7 Inflammatory Essays poster
Street installation, New York, 1982, with graffiti
Offset poster
25.5 x 25.5 cm
Text: Inflammatory Essays (1979-1982)
8 Jenny Holzer: Laments 1988-89
Dia Art Foundation, New York, 1988-89
Red ankara marble sarcophagus
82 x 30 x  24 3/8 in.
Text: Laments (1989)
9 Installation for the Guggenheim, 1990
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
LED sign
36 x 16180 x 10 cm
Bethel White granite benches
46 x 91 x 43 cm each
Indian Red granite benches
107 x 43 x 45.5 cm each
Text: Truisms (1977-1979), Inflammatory Essays (1979-1982), Living (1980-1982), Survival (1983-1985), Under a Rock (1986),
Laments (1989), Mother and Child (1990).
10 Installation for the 44th Venice Biennale, 1990
United States Pavillion
Floor, Nero Marquina and Rosso Magnaboschi marble tile in diamond pattern with Biancone marble border
3 benches, Biancone marble tops, Rosso Magnaboshci marble legs
46 x 746 x 44 cm left bench
46 x 563 x 44 cm far bench
46 x 456 x 44 cm far bench
Text: Truisms (1977-1979), Mother and Child (1990)
11 Installation for the 44th Venice Biennale, 1990
United States Pavillion
Floor, Rosso Magnaboschi marble tile in diamond pattern with Rosso Magnaboshci marble border
Right wall, five 3-colour LED signs
14 x 609 x 10 cm each
Left wall, five 3-colour LED signs
14 x 609 x 10 cm each
Far wall, eleven 3-colour LED signs
24 x 447 x 11 cm each
Text: Truisms (1977-79), Inflammatory Essays (1979-82),
Living (1980-82), Survival (1983-85), Under a Rock (1986),
(1989), Mother and Child (1990)
12 Oscar Maria Graf Memorial, 1997
Münich, Germany 
Historical Speeches
13 Goerdeler Monument, 1999
Leipzig, Germany
engraved stone pavers, grey plantings, steel grating, searchlight and bell
Historical Quotations
14 Rib Corner, 2004
8 double-sided, curved corner LED signs with white and amber diodes
Text: Arno (1996)
15 125 Years, inaugurated November 7, 2003
University of Pennsylvania
Landscaped walkway including herringbone brick paving, 21 custom light fixures, 22 engraved Prairie Green benches with matching curbstone
Text from various sources.
16 Looming, 2004
9 double-sided straight corner LED signs with red and white diodes in the front; black and red diodes in the back
17 Arno, 1996
Projection on Arno riverbank and facing buildings, Florence, Italy
Text: Arno (1996)
18 Jenny Holzer OH, 2001
Projection on Porte Cailhau, Place du Palais, Bordeaux
Text: Survival (983-1985)
19 Xenon for Paris, 2001
Projection on Panthéon, Paris
Text: Truisms (1977-1979)
20 Xenon for Paris, 2001
Projection on Pyramide du Louvre, Paris
Text: Truisms (1977-1979)
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