PHF Undergraduate Fellows
bullet 2014-15 | Color
bullet 2013-14 | Violence
bullet 2012-13 | Peripheries
image 2006-07 | Travel
image 2005-06 | Word & Image
image 2004-05 | Sleep & Dreams
image 2003-04 | Belief
image 2002-03 | The Book
image 2001-02 | Time

Marvin and Sybil Weiner Undergraduate Essay Prize
in the Humanities

image Ethics of Humanitarianism
image If Ben Had Had His Way

Undergraduate Humanities Forum

Penn undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in the Penn Humanities Forum through its annual research fellowship program. As the Forum's main undergraduate initiative, these fellowships celebrate the importance of humanistic thought across all disciplines.

The competition is open to any full-time student enrolled in any of Penn's undergraduate schools who is interested in conducting research on some aspect of the Forum's annual theme. (See sidebar for listings of fellows and their annual topic projects.)

Twelve fellowships are available each year. At required regular gatherings during the year, fellows discuss their projects, meet with invited speakers, attend cultural events of interest, and help organize the spring research conference at which they present the results of their research.

Calls for Applications open each fall term and close on March 15th. Awards are available in the following three categories:

Chair and Research Fellow; one $2000 award: In this leadership role, one fellow is chosen to chair the Undergraduate Humanities Forum, in addition to carrying out a research project.
Steering Committee and Research Fellow; two $1750 Awards: Two students, also chosen for their leadership abilities, work closely with the Chair to plan and execute the group's activities, in addition to conducting their own research.
Research Fellow; nine $1500 Awards: These awards offer undergraduates the opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research in the humanities.

Undergraduate Humanities Forum Chairs
bullet 2014-15: Leah Davidson, '16, Wharton, Marketing
bullet 2013-14: Olivia Rutigliano, '14, English, Cinema Studies
bullet 2012-13: Amalya Lehmann, '13, Music
bullet 2011-12: Emily Kern, '12, History
bullet 2010-11: Kaneesha Parsard, '11, English, Africana Studies
bullet 2009-10: Daniel A. Fein, '10, Evolutionary Psychology
bullet 2008-09: Daniel Ross '09, History
bullet 2007·08: Melissa Teixiera '08, History
bullet 2006·07l: Ellen Mossman '07, History
bullet 2005·06: Ruth McAdams '06, English
bullet 2004·05: Tiffany Behringer '05, Anthropology
bullet 2003·04: Lynn Huang '04, English
bullet 2002·03: Ariel Ben Amos '04, Urban Studies
bullet 2001·02: J. Alexandra Pruner '02, Women's Studies
bullet 2000·01: Matthew J. Keesan '03, English